Confinement Chronicles: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Sad

Updated: May 5, 2020

Due to the coronavirus crisis, we have been confined for more than a month now. My French fellows are counting the days but I am not. The situation is depressing enough. Some believe we could be allowed to go out on May 11th as announced by the authorities but I doubt that. Blame it on my pessimistic side but the truth is, there is no cure to the pandemic yet and we should rush things, even if spring is poppin.

I have been quarantined with my family for weeks and this has been challenging, since I love my peace and my private space. But surprisingly, I think I have handled it pretty well.

Do you know the secret? Stay focused and stay busy.

It's easy if you are working from home but if you aren't, there are many ways you can spend your free 5time.

Blogging is one of them for me. So I am writing, all type of content and I thought about the different aspects of the coronavirus crisis : the good, the bad, the ugly and the sad. This article might open your eyes about a thing or two, reveal what is going on in the world and make you grateful for being safe at home.

Let's start, shall we?

1. The Good

Being quarantined with your family allows you to spend more quality time with your parents, siblilngs and kids. We take the time to co-exist and to re-discover each other. And this is important since we are reminded more than ever how fragile life is.

We can also reconnect with old friends - you know, those on Facebook you never talk to? Now, you have no excuses not to catch up with them.

I feel like human interactions are somehow developing themselves, since we need to socialize while being quarantined.

Furthermore, confinement allows us to do more cultural activities. Read a book, write a journal, learn a foreign language, try new food recipes, read more articles on my blog...

There is so much to do right now, other than just binge-watching stuff on Netflix (I know this is what you have been doing).

I have also seen people showcasing their talent on Instagram... You could do that too. We are so open to creativity and new ideas so let us see what you've got.

As for me, I have been focused on this blog and on developing my own company. I can't lose sight of my goals even if there are obstacles on the way. I could also work on my Brazilian-portuguese because eu não conheçou muitos palavras pra falar.

In addition, confinement could be the moment you needed to get yourself together. Strengthen yourself physically, mentally and spiritually so that when you go back to your normal life, you can be the best version of yourself and be more available to help, to serve others.

This crisis is unfortunate but since we cannot avoid it let’s at least try to get something good out of it.

Stay active, be productive. Your house is not a prison as your mind is still free. So think. Think about what you could do and be brave enough to do it. You've got time for that.

Unfortunately, if you have time that means wicked people also do. And as you guessed, this is not t a good thing.

2. The Bad

In quarantine, people have more free time to hate and mess with other people's lives.

And by that, I mean that some evil people in France had the audacity to send threats mails to nurses and caregivers, urging them to move out their building or blaming them for bringing the COVID-19 into households. These people don't fear God. They don't. I have talked about fear and its disastrous effects during times of crisis but this goes beyond beliefs. How dare they?

Doctors, nurses, caregivers, emergency staff, fire fighters... They are in the frontline when it comes to the war against the coronavirus. They sacrifice their time, energy and health to make sure the virus doesn't spread and kill us all. They take care of our elders, of our families, friends and this is what they get as a reward? They barely see their families and have become strangers to the word "rest". These wonderful people deserve all of our appreciation and respect.

I urge you to pray for them. Ask God to keep blessing them, to keep giving them the mental, physical and emotional strength and will to do their jobs the best way possible. Also, for Him to keep them healthy, encouraged and optimistic, to make their lives easier and to protect them and their loved ones. I do this every night. I also stay at home as they required. It really helps them.

In France, every day at 8 p.m., we go to our windows and clap for our health heroes and a sign of support. God bless them.

3. The Ugly

I would like to talk about is something that made quite some noise in France, notably in the African diaspora.

Being a young woman, born and raised in Paris with African parents, I felt concerned and even offended.

What had happened was, a scientist and a journalist were talking about the COVID-19 and how France was managing to find a cure to the virus.

Nothing alarming here until.the journalist said and I quote: "May I be provocative? Why don't we run these tests in Africa?"


You probably haven't heard of it but Africa is not as affected by the coronavirus as we are in Europe or elsewhere and I am thankful for that. COVID-19 is not one of their main issues so why would they run tests on healthy African folks?

Well, according to the man, it's because they are healthy and don't have masks. We ran out of masks in France too and a multitude of people are sick. Why not try the placebo vaccine on them? We know the reason. They don't want to try their experiment of mostly Caucasian people. It is better to endanger the lives of African people since nobody seems to care about them.

Well, we do. We do care. We do care about our continent and about our African brothers and sisters. This story line was so outrageous, many members of the African diaspora started to speak out on social media and the scientists had to apologize and his lab released a statement.

This is 2020 guys, nobody is fooled anymore. People are woke. Well, not in my mother's country, DRC where a doctor announced our country was a candidate to run the tests on its people.

Thankfully, folks rose up once again and the government kind of backed down.

We are living in an incredible world. Human beings are revealing themselves and this is not cute. Let's stick to each other and make sure everybody does what is right.

4. The Sad

Now my thoughts and prayers go to the people in danger, especially women and children. Domestic violence is so real - I will probably write a whole piece about it as I know more than I should on this topic. I am wondering how women who were dealing with it before the quarantine are putting up with.

In France, there are spaces in malls where they can come find the help they need. Imagine being imprisoned 24/7 with the person who seems to take delight in physically and mentally hurting you. Lord have mercy on the victims. They were barely heard before and I hope things will not get worse.

Apparently, there was a rise of the number of divorce petitions in China, due to confinement. I wonder if it's because the women were victims of abuse during that time - I hope not - or if it is because couples found out they were not meant to be/live together. Marriage is a challenge guys. We have to be wise about who choose to spend our lives with.

As for me, a life partner has to be someone you like, someone who you genuinely enjoy spending your time with, someone who is a friend to you. In every relationship, there's a time where you look at your lover and you think "I'm tired of you..." but I think it can survive if this thought is followed by "...but I love you too much to even wonder what my life would be without you". Love : beautiful and complicated.

Speaking of beautiful and complicated, raising a child is. I understand it can be tough to be with your kid 24/7, especially when they are under 10 but please, do not take your frustrations unto them.

I have been stuck with my nephews and neices before and this thing is a full-time job, give props to the stay-at-home moms. I am scared that some parents, who aren't used to take care of their children for such a long period in a day, might lose their temper and be violent towards their little ones.

Pray for the kids and for their parents to be the best version of themselves. There's nothing that pisses me off more than hearing about children being mistreated.

I also have to add to mention that many people have been forced to stop working due to the sanitary crisis. The money is getting really tight so let's pray for them and make sure to help them if they need a handout.

Single parents are struggling too. Imagine how hard it might be for them to even go grocery shopping when they have young kids. It's time to be charitable and united, as those who struggled before are struggling even more now.

We all need prayers in these quarantine days. We pray for the sick but let's also put the invisible victims of confinement in our conversations with God. Let's pray for our daily heroes who risk their lives to make sure we don't lose ours. Don't hesitate to also pray for the authorities to make the best sanitary, social and economic decisions for our country.

Let's make the best of these confinement moments so that we don't waste this precious time that on earth we have. Stay home, stay safe, stay blessed.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." - Philippians 4:6


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