I Found My Soul Mate & Here Is What Happened

I met my soul mate during a kind of integration week as I entered my second year of Master's degree. I had a terrible first impression of him. We were sitting in square so I had visibility on everyone. I knew some of the students since we spent our first year together - more like a month to me as I fractured my leg on the first day of class and had a plaster leg.

I checked on the unfamiliar faces and noticed that guy. He looked so mean. I got to talk to him the next day and I didn't know it was the same guy. When I figured it out, I immediately told him and we laughed about it. The man has a resting-dude face, I had to forgive him. In reality, he was pissed to be there and so do we.

We clicked on the first time we talked. I was making a new friend, just as I do every year but this time it was different. It was deeper than me making acquaintance with a schoolmate. We became inseparable in no-time, because being together was just natural for us. We were feeding from each other's energy and it felt good.

Let me tell you more about what happens and how you feel when you met your person.

When you meet your soul mate, you find someone who understands you. With him, you reach that incredible level of communication where you don't even have to speak to know what the other thinks. Just a look, a smile, a nod, a nudge, raised eyebrows and you will know what you "other you" is thinking. At times, you don't even see each other but can figure out how your soul mate will react to think.

This soul connection makes is so easy for you both to co-exist. There are so few chances for him to do something that will bother, it is a very pleasant and comforting.

When you meet your soul mate, you find someone who is similar to you, even though you are different.

As for mine, we have different ethnicities and different backgrounds. He is who he is but I see him, I also see myself. We have the same personality, we are chill, caring, funny, smart, curious, but not to be messed up with.

Moreover, things that he says remind me or are literally what I would say. Once again our minds connect, but this time in a creepier way. I use the word "creepy" as this was sometimes what I felt our bond was. I mean, it scary to hear someone say out loud what you are thinking while you are thinking it. It's almost as if he could read your mind or had been reading it for a while.

For instance, I was looking for new travel destinations for my friend and I. I recommended Santorini (Greece) if she wanted to stay close to France but my mind really was on Cuba and Porto Rico. Two days later, I reach out to him to ask about nice trips he would like to take. His answer and I quote: "Porto Rico looks nice... or Cuba". My guy.

This type of moments happened before but I am still amazed when it does. I remember being freaked out about him thinking exactly the same as me, enjoying the same stuff and reacting the same way as I do.

I am not going to lie. We do not agree on everything. I recall that one time we argued about not always agreeing about things (I said we do, he said we don't). Even then, we stimulate each other intellectually through our numerous arguments that happen to turn into debates. We constantly challenge each other and this is also what makes our relationship so alive and interesting. Together, we never get bored.

When you meet you soul mate, you find someone who genuinely cares for you. He makes you stay safe and healthy, because in some way, seeing you hurt could hurt him too. I remember always making sure he ate when I got myself some snacks for instance. Whatever I did, my mind was worrying about him.

I will never forget that time I caught a cold and my throat was aching like crazy. He ordered Japanese food for lunch so that I could get a soup to heal myself a little. Once again it was a battle because I do not eat Asian food in general so to get me to drink something I have never tasted before whereas I was sick... He won and I also did as this soup made me feel better. I would also end up eating more Asian because of him... Your soul mate cares about you and knows what's better for you.

What touched my heart the most was that time I got tension issues due to stress - yeah, it got that bad. He was one of the first people to reach out and reassure me. He would text me every day and make sure I had nothing to worry about anymore. This really is my guy. Having his love and support was priceless; it was so comforting. He always got my back. This is guy.

I was the same with him. I cared so much about him because I felt like he was a part of me. Taking care of him meant taking care of me as I would be bothered if the slight thing happened to him.

When you meet your soul mate, you feel the need to constantly be with him. My life rounded around this guy, even when I had my girls with me. They knew what was going on and they understood we needed to be next to each other... all the time. I cannot really explain it honestly. It was physical. Not in the sense of sensual or sexual : it was as if there was a physical bond that was tying us with one another. I felt in my core. I wanted, no I needed to be in his presence.

When I was not, it seemed like something within me was off. I was almost dizzy, this was awkward to me. We needed to be around or something wouldn't seem right to me.

When I was with him, I was comfortable, peaceful and joyful. I say "joyful" because this feeling was permanent. Even if I was a little mad or annoyed, he would always find the words or a way to make me feel better, so yeah, my energy was constantly up as long as we were together.

And when we were not, we were texting each other. This is a miracle in itself since we both were bad texters. I don't know. I just needed to know what he was doing few moments after leaving him. I just felt fulfilled with him.

As you may have understood, the man I am talking about is not my boyfriend, my fiancé or my husband. He is just my soul mate (which is already a lot).

I always thought my person would inevitably be the love of my life but he is not. Is that weird? I am not in love my soul mate, nor have I ever been. We have always got love for each other but never were in love with one another. He is my person and I know it for sure, since nobody has ever made me feel that way.

"One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." - Proverbs 18:24 NIV

When I am with him I do not have butterflies or else so I know this is not a romantic type of love. The fact of insinuating the contrary makes me feel uncomfortable. That's my guy but not like this.

I now wonder if I can have two soul mates because my future husband surely isn't him. He makes me feel good but him and I are too similar, our souls must be twins, this wouldn't work. I believe there is someone else out there, whose heart, mind and soul would be dramatically different than mine but totally complete me and fulfill me in a romantic way this time. Hubby on the way!

Anyway. I am thankful to have found my other me, a physical alter ego who gets me, cares about me and brings me joy.

Have you ever felt this way for someone? Is he your soul mate? Let me know in the comment section below or on Twitter and Instagram.


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