If You Met God, What Would You Ask Him?

Last year I was approached by two guys who were aspiring content creators. They were working on a social experiment about faith and had questions for me.

It might sound like a scam now that I’m writing it but I want to believe this was a real project. Anyway. They were trying to interview people in the mall and they found me. This actually happens to me quite often, to be stopped by strangers and asked questions about faith. My Christianity is either written on my face - which means that I have got that Christian vibe - or God directs them to me in order to check me and this is cool and scary at the same time. He veils though. Anyway.

I discussed with these brothers, notably because it's important to speak about faith as much as you can and if people ask for it.... Got to give the people what they want. They were entering their walk with Christ so I felt like it was my duty to encourage them to push forward with their faith. I can't help it, this is my ministry.

The guys had a specific question they wanted to ask me: "What would be the two questions you would ask God if you died and met Him?"

Deep right? Here is what I answered.

The first question I would ask God would be "Do you forgive me?" God doesn't owe me any explanation about anything that happened. He had it His way and I am nobody to question Him about His plan. Plus, why would it matter since I would be about to take a leap into my eternal life?

My goal is to go to Heaven and I am not perfect, neither pretending to be but this is what matters. God's love. God’s forgiveness. God's mercy. We all live this redeemed life because we want and need to be forgiven, cleansed and to rest forever with our Lord and Savior. So yeah, I would still think about my salvation. Gotta keep your eyes on the prize.

The second question I would ask God would be "May I rest close to You?" By saying that, I visualized myself being hidden under God's armpit. Weird, I know. But this place looked super safe. I want to rest close to God and to always feel loved and protected. I am telling you, this spot looked perfect.

I kind of felt bad for not immediately thinking about begging God to save my family too, but yeah, I was being selfish. This was an end-of-life scenario, I turned self-centered like the human being that I am. I probably need to work on that... I just pray for us all to be saved as it would be so cool for us all to rest in Heaven together.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." - John 3:16

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