The First Time I Heard The Holy Spirit

Today, I wanted to share the story of the first time I heard the Holy Spirit talking to me.

Back in the day, I had not been saved yet. I kind of grew up religious, being aware of a Higher Power, listening to African gospel songs, identifying as a Catholic, however I do not recall going to Church as a child (whereas I have had a traumatic childhood and remember stuff that happened as far as when I was 4-5 years-old).

I just knew God was real and the simple thought of being protected by someone bigger and almighty was comforting to me.

Fast forward to June 21st. I cannot remember the year but I remember the day as it was Music Day (“La Fête de la Musique”) in France. For this major event, there always were huge and multiple things organized in my city. Music fests, concerts, dance performances... Everybody was participating to something on that day. If my souvenirs are correct, it was late in the afternoon and I wanted to make a quick stop to my house, before going back to the show my girls' dance crew had put on.

So, I was heading home. There was nobody in the street. Absolutely nobody. No car, no pedestrian. Nobody.

The only human presence I felt was when I was catcalled by some dudes in their apartment. I did not feel alarmed, because they were upstairs and I was on the move. Plus, I kind of was used to being catcalled in my teenage days so I knew how to react : ignore them and walk faster.

As I kept walking, I arrived in a long avenue, totally empty once again. Suddenly, I saw a car. A man was driving and he started to engage the conversation with me : “Excuse-me? Do you know where is **** street?” I could not hear the name of the street he was searching for therefore I asked him to repeat. “**** Street” he said. The traffic light turned red and he stopped his car.

Since I could not comprehend what he was trying to tell me but was looking forward to helping him, I approached the car, in order to talk to the driver. He parked, as there were small parking spaces along the avenue.

I bended over in order to see the man face-to-face. He was way older than me – I was a teenager remember? – had dark hair and facial hair turning gray. He looked suspicious. I didn't feel comfortable with the way he glanced at me. I really was close to this man and the street was still desertic.

All of sudden, I heard someone yell “Watch out!” (“Attention!”). It was weird because I knew the avenue was empty and with all its shrubs and trees, nobody could have possibly seen and warned me.

Right after I heard the voice, it took me one second to look around : I analysed the stranger : he really did not have a trust-worthy face. Then, I looked at his posture: he was bending towards the passenger seat. That made me realize there was nobody else in the car. He was alone. I also inspected the car: I was a mess, it seemed not to have been cleaned up in a while, like a car you don't regularly drive. Then I thought about something: this old dude could grab me and kidnap me, since I was tiny and there was no witness around.

All of these things went through my mind within a second, after I was told to watch out. So, I acted accordingly : I straightened and took a huge step back. I had to move away from the car.

However, I didn’t leave immediately. I talked to the man, just to get a confirmation that I was not being paranoid for no reason. I said: “What street are you looking for?”

“The half-moon street.”

“There is not such a street.”

“It doesn’t matter, what’s your name?”

I had already started to walk home at that point. I know my neifhborhood, I understood that he made up that street name just to get my attention and open a conversation with me. He was whispering the street name on purpose, this is why I couldn't figure it out in the beggining. The dude was a scam so I walked away. I wanted to have the final say so to his "What’s your name?”, I simply answered: “I don’t have a name” as I kept going home.

I was scared he could follow me as I was getting closer to my mother’s house. However, when I looked around, I saw another car and who was it driven by? Cops. As I understand it, if anything went wrong, God had me covered.

Looking back, I know this was the Holy Spirit who warned me that day. It was obvious as the voice I heard sounded like my consciousness. It was something within me that protected me - aka the God in me - aka the Holy Spirit. It feels so good to know that I am protected wherever I go and in whatever I do.

God loved and protected me even before I recognized that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. Imagine how much more He is going to bring me blessings now that I have been saved. God is good guys, all the time.

"And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever— the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you." - John 14:16‭-‬17 NIV

Have you ever experience anything like this? What was your first experience with the Holy Spirit? Let me know by sharing your testimony by email or on social media.

Stay safe, stay blessed.



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